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Palliative Care Associates

Both palliative care and hospice focus on helping to reduce physical or emotional suffering. Palliative care may be given at any time during a person’s illness, from diagnosis on. Hospice care is only for patients who have a short life expectancy (typically up to six months or less).

Palliative care tends to be flexible, while most hospices have a set of defined services and rules and regulations. Some hospices provide palliative care as a separate program or service. Here are the differences between the two types of care:

Question Palliative Care Hospice Care
Who can receive this care? Anyone with a serious illness, regardless of life expectancy. Anyone with an illness with a life expectancy measured in months not years.
Can my loved one continue to receive treatments to cure my illness? Yes. Palliative care and curative care can be provided at the same time. Hospice treatments and medicines provided relieve symptoms and are not curative.
Does Medicare pay? Some treatments and medications may be covered. Medicare pays all charges related to hospice.
Does Medicaid pay? Some treatments and medications may be covered. In 47 states, Medicaid pays all charges related to hospice.
Does private insurance pay? Some treatments and medications may be covered. Most insurance plans have a hospice benefit.
Is this a package deal? No. Services are flexible and based on the patient’s needs. Yes. Hospice services are bundled together.
How long can I receive care? This depends on your loved one’s care needs, and health care coverage. As long as your loved one continues the illness and short life expectancy.
What organization provides these services?
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Nursing facilities
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Hospice organizations
  • Hospice programs based in a hospital
  • Other healthcare organizations
Where are services provided?
  • Home
  • Assisted living facility
  • Nursing facility
  • Independent Living Facility
In most cases, wherever the patient resides: at home or in an assisted living facility, nursing facility, or hospital. Some hospices have facilities where people can live, like a hospice residence, or receive care for short-term reasons, such as acute pain or symptom management.


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  • Thank you so much for caring for our wonderful friends and families. Keep up the great work. We appreciate you so very much.
  • I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and kindness during my father's last days. You and your staff made a difficult situation so much easier for all involved. My family and I deeply appreciate all that you did for us.
  • Many thanks for the good care you gave our loved one.
  • Thank you for all the love, care and support you provided us. We are so grateful for our great opportunity to reconnect with mom and make lasting memories. You helped make mom's time with us better as she prepared you for her heavenly home.
  • The staff at Circle of Life will never know how much we appreciated the care given to our parents. Each of you is unique in your own ways.
  • Thank you for your wonderful care. Circle of Life is a wonderful place and we appreciate you all so much. Thank you for your kind and gentle care of our family member.
  • My family was so pleased with how you took such good care of my wife in her final days.
  • Thank you so much for the love and care of our loved one. Your kindness will live on in our hearts forever.
  • Your care of mom was such a blessing - at our home and at the hospice home. Such kindness and genuine love for those who are dying. You all provide such a valuable service. May God bless you in return.
  • Thank you so much for the excellent care of our loved one at this most difficult time of life.
  • Thank you so very much for the care and compassion you showed mom. She loved you all and you made her last year much better.
  • Many thanks to all of you for the wonderful thoughtfulness, care and kindness for our friend and his family in his final days.