Pediatric Care

Helping children and their families face life-threatening illness.

The Circle of Life Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care program focuses on providing specialized outpatient care for children with a life-limiting illness such as genetic disorders, neurological disorders, cancer, heart and lung conditions, and others.

Hospice and palliative care seeks to enhance the child’s quality of life through symptom management while addressing psychological, social, and spiritual/existential needs of the child and family.

Our care is provided by a professional care team that works together with the child’s other doctors as an extra layer of support. The pediatric palliative care team does not replace the active treatment team.

The pediatric care team takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide education, assist in the development of an individualized treatment plan, access community support services and resources, assist with communication and coordination of care, and empower the child’s caregivers in all decisions related to the child’s care and treatment. Our team understands that having a child with a life-limiting illness affects each member of the family. Our care team is here to assist families as they navigate the care needs of their child while trying to discover and maintain a sense of normalcy.

With the support of palliative care, families are better able to choose options that are in alignment with their values, beliefs, and traditions. Palliative care can be provided along with treatment intended to prolong life. The interdisciplinary team learns the goals, wishes, and values of the family and the team can help reevaluate goals as circumstances change.

Parents can continue aggressive interventions and treatments for their infant, child or teenager (up to 21) while benefiting from the care from our specialized hospice team. Hospice is covered by most insurance plans.

For inquiries or information about Circle of Life Pediatric Care, please call 479-750-6632.

What is Perinatal Transitions in Care?

This program is designed to meet the unique needs of families whose babies will be born with limited life expectancies.

The Perinatal Transitions in Care Program’s primary activity is to support families from the time they receive a diagnosis throughout the bereavement process. The program involves a care team including social workers and chaplains. By beginning care early and having the same group of providers through their experience, there is continuity of care, which helps to alleviate medical and social isolation and gives the parents time to decide how to make the most of their time with their baby.

The care team works with parents to create a personalized birthing and/or care plans that includes making decisions about how and where the delivery will occur and what measures will be taken once the baby is born. This may include planning for both a live or stillborn baby. Families are also linked to community resources that provide support during pregnancy and beyond.

Throughout the pregnancy, the Circle of Life care team meets with the parents and alterations to the plan are made as needed. Once agreed upon, a representative from the care team is designated to assure the plan is disseminated to the caregivers prior to delivery.

After the baby is born, the care team continues to help the family by gathering keepsakes and assuring that they have time and space to be with their baby. The team also offers follow-up bereavement service that continues for a minimum of 13 months after the baby’s death.

The primary goal of the Perinatal Transitions in Care Program is to help families with the process of making choices about pregnancy management and after-birth care that incorporate their personal and religious beliefs and are in the best interest of their baby.

Our team is ready to help! For additional information about Circle of Life’s Perinatal Transitions in Care Program or to schedule a perinatal care visit, please call 479-750-6632.