Do you know what legacy you want to leave? For this mother, it was her daughters’ future. Both girls have special needs and require daily care and leaving them alone was not an option. Circle of Life staff worked tirelessly to find a place where the sisters could stay together and receive the support they needed.

The mom mentioned that she would like to give the girls a birthday party they would not forget. On September 17th a limo escorted the family to Chuck E. Cheese and The Scott Family Amazeum for a VIP birthday party. When it was time for the birthday cake and to blow out the candles, the oldest daughter closed her eyes and made a very special wish.

She would like to share her wish with you because as she said, “it has already come true.” Her birthday wish was that she and her sister would be placed together so their mom would no longer have to worry about them. The girls are elated to move into their new home and their mother was able to take a comforting breath of air knowing that her legacy would continue in her daughters’ future.