Our theme this month is “Don’t Wait.” So many people think that choosing hospice is giving up on life. Rather, we know it provides knowledge, understanding, comfort, peace and a place of refuge. We hear it far too often: “I wish we had called hospice sooner.”

We encourage you to consider hospice care in November and share with a friend. Let them know how important hospice care is to you. 

Is it time to consider hospice? Are you noticing these hospice indicators in your loved one?

  • Increased pain, nausea, or anxiety
  • Frequent visits to the hospital and/or ER
  • Difficulty “bouncing back” after medical setbacks
  • Increased breathing difficulties
  • Decreased alertness
  • Emotionally withdrawn
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Difficulty with comprehension
  • Significantly decreased appetite and weight loss

If you are thinking “I hope my loved one lives to the next big family occasion,” whether it be their birthday or favorite holiday, then it’s time to give Circle of Life a call for an evaluation.  #Don’tWait

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