Even though everyone will eventually face death, it is a topic that many people avoid talking about directly. Indeed, there are a wide range of euphemisms for death and the care that goes along with it. People “pass away.” Pets are “put to sleep.” And in a person’s final days, physicians offer comfort care.”

But what is “comfort care?”

When curative treatments are no longer working, physicians will often suggest comfort care, saying that they will now focus on keeping the patient comfortable. This is the level of care that hospice provides, offering comfort in the form of symptom management.

A hospice care team is made up of experts in managing pain, breathing issues, digestive issues, and other common end-of-life concerns. In addition, they provide emotional and spiritual comfort for the patient and their family. This care can be provided in any location the patient chooses, including their home or an assisted living facility.

Comfort Care vs. Hospice vs. Palliative Care

Palliative care is an umbrella term for any medical treatment that manages the pain, symptoms, and side effects of a chronic illness. This support can be provided any stage of the illness alongside curative treatment.

However, when the patient is diagnosed as terminal with six months or less to live and the decision is made to discontinue curative treatments, the patient is then eligible for the increased support of hospice care.

The hospice team provides nursing and aide support, social workers, chaplains, and bereavement specialists to ensure the patient has the highest quality of life for their remaining days.

Circle of Life Hospice also offers unique hospice programs. The We Honor Veterans Program acknowledges the service and sacrifice of Veteran patients with a certificate and honorary presentation. The Ladies Auxiliary program provides patients with end-of-life wishes, fulfilling many memorable experiences. In addition, as the patient nears their final hours, Circle of Life Hospice provides added support for the patient and their family at the time of passing through our No One Dies Alone program.

Please call Circle of Life at 1-800-495-5511 with any questions about what comfort care can provide or even just to generally increase your understanding of hospice.