This Mother’s Day, Circle of Life is celebrating all of the women who have held our hands, dried our tears and shared our sweetest memories. As we look to the women in our lives who have meant so much to us, we say thank you.

THANK YOU for your advice even if we didn’t always take it.

THANK YOU for the phone calls, cards, letters and emails to see  how we are doing.

THANK YOU for showing grace when we did not deserve it.

THANK YOU for doing your best to make us happy.

THANK YOU for showing us how to be a role model to our children.

THANK YOU for loving us.

To you we say THANK YOU for allowing us to serve Northwest Arkansas at a time when families need us the most.

“It has been a month since my mom, Rebecca Hammond, has joined my dad and brother in God’s heavenly kingdom.  As the sadness of her parting dissipates with time, what remains is the celebration of her life and accomplishments while she was with us. Circle of Life should  be proud to know that you touch many more lives then just the patients you are devoted to ever hour of every day. The difference you make is immeasurable. I love you all in a way that cannot be described,” Mark Shaffer.

Please join me in celebration and honor of all the women in our lives by making a gift to Circle of Life Hospice. On Mother’s Day and every day, we are grateful to you for helping to support our mission. Our doctors, nurses, volunteers, social workers and chaplains –   everyone here who works to serve our patients joins me in thanking you for your generous support. To make your gift to Circle of Life, visit our “Donate Now” page by clicking here.

With grateful thanks,

Mary McKinney, Chief Executive Officer