When someone chooses Circle of Life Hospice, our team of compassionate professionals responds. This is what Elaine discovered when she called us on behalf of her father, John, who was living with advanced heart disease.

Soon after the call, our Admission Nurse visited John and listened to what his most pressing needs were and answered questions he and Elaine had about hospice services.

Our Medical Director certified John’s eligibility to receive hospice care and worked with his primary physician and our nurses to immediately address the pain and anxiety he was experiencing.

Our Registered Nurse visited John along with Elaine who was the primary caregiver. By following John’s expressed goals, a care plan was put in place that ensured his comfort and safety.

Our Social Worker provided help with a referral for legal assistance, counseling referrals for his children, final arrangement plans and a respite care plan that was put in place to give Elaine a needed break.

A trained Volunteer visited regularly to run errands and even helped Elaine make scrapbooks of photos.

Our Certified Nurse Assistant came two to three times a week to assist John with bathing and dressing, and to train Elaine on how to reposition John in bed so he would remain comfortable.

When John’s pain unexpectedly escalated on a Sunday, a worried Elaine called Circle of Life and reached an On-Call Nurse who accessed John’s medical information and instructed Elaine on how to bring John’s pain under control.

One day John confided to the CNA that he was feeling sad about his life and questioned his worth. The CNA told John that if he thought that a visit from our Chaplain might be helpful, all he needed to do was let hospice know and it could be arranged.

With his pain and anxiety under control and his medical condition stabilized, John was feeling calmer and more at peace. He shared with Elaine that he was feeling comforted knowing that his children had the support of Circle of Life Hospice and a Grief Counselor would continue to support them through the inevitable loss of their father.

John’s story is just one example of the patients that we take care of every day – we strive to meet their unique needs and are honored to bring our very best to every patient.