How one dog provided support and a calming presence for a hospice patient.

We asked our volunteer, Kelly Stockman, to share a story of a recent visit with one of our patients at the hospice home. “Sir Edmund and I were welcomed into a patient’s room one day by her family members. I led Sir Edmund to the patient’s bedside as her husband told her about the Anatolian Shepherd that was there to see her.

The patient’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was labored. As her husband guided her hand in petting Sir Edmund, her breathing calmed down.

Her daughter commented on how the presence of this Hospet had such a calming and soothing effect. She was amazed because nothing else had helped to calm her mom down, but Sir Edmund by her side did just that.

While we were visiting and as her husband was holding her hand, she took her last breath and passed away peacefully.

A week later, one of our doctors asked me if I had heard the story about the dream this patient had before she came to the Circle of Life Hospice Home. I said, no. He told me that the husband said his wife had a vivid dream while at home in which she saw the moment of her passing, and at that moment, there was a Shepherd dog by her side.

Sir Edmund was that Shepherd dog.”

The positive benefits of our Hospet program reaches far beyond our abilities. Sometimes that gentle touch and calm presence can make all of the difference. We are so grateful for all of the Hospets that are a part of our Circle of Life team.