It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this letter about Circle of Life Hospice. In November 2019, my mother, Ruth, had a severe stroke. She went through a hospital stay, rehabilitation, followed by 21 days in an assisted living facility. I visited her often.

One day I found her lying in bed at 4 PM in the dark. She was pale, her eyes were cloudy, and she had a sense of sadness and disconnect that I’ve never seen before. I immediately met with her doctor, Paul Daidone, at the facility. I told him I wanted to bring her home immediately and felt she was beginning her transition.

He agreed with my intuition and gave me information on available hospice services. I had heard good things about Circle of Life Hospice and asked the staff to help me facilitate care for my mother. I took my mother home, and that evening called the hotline for Circle of Life Hospice. The woman I spoke with on the phone was gentle, compassionate, and caring. She asked me what medical equipment would help me best care for my mother, and ordered it to be delivered the following day. She anticipated needs that I hadn’t thought about before. She arranged for a nurse and an aid to visit my mother the next day, as well. I hung up the phone, feeling heard, cared about, and fully supported.

My overall experience with Circle of Life Hospice is nothing short of wonderful. From the office personnel to the nurses on the phone, to the equipment delivery people, to Mom’s nurse, her aid, and the chaplain.  Every person I encountered was professional and kind.  My mother was treated with the utmost care, compassion, and respect through the entire hospice process. I cannot say enough about the responsiveness of the entire staff. I had access to a nurse at any hour of the day with one phone call. The Circle of Life staff made a heart-wrenching time bearable.

Because of hospice, I was able to care for my mom at home in her final days, a promise I made to her long ago. My mom’s nurse, Everett, is a beautiful soul. He helped me understand the stages my mom was going through and was patient and kind and was never in a hurry. Megan, mom’s aide, and Chuck, the chaplain, was equally wonderful and compassionate.  My mother’s medical needs were monitored closely, and I was able to get the necessary medicine to keep her comfortable and pain-free during the transition.

My mother passed away peacefully with my arm around her and my hand on her heart. The aftercare was handled flawlessly, I made one phone call, and Everett arrived within 30 to 45 minutes. I also had access to grief counseling, which showed me the genuine concern for family well-being in a time of loss. I cannot find adequate words to express my gratitude to Circle of Life Hospice.  There was not one need that wasn’t met, not one call or question unanswered.

In closing, Circle of Life Hospice is a true gift to the patients and families they serve. Their empathy and compassion are unmatched; I recommend them with no reservations whatsoever. All I can say is thank you! Thank you! Thank you! from the depths of my heart.

Blessings, Susan Klages
Eureka Springs resident