Perinatal Transitions in Care Program


Expecting a new baby is a time filled with excitement, anticipation and hope for the future. However, for parents who have been given a prenatal diagnosis that their baby may be born with a serious medical condition, this can be a time filled with heartbreak and uncertainty. The Circle of Life Care Team is here to provide support and education to these families during their pregnancy, delivery and aftercare.Circle of Life is dedicated to embracing you and your family and helping ease your way. You do not have to walk alone. Please call 479-750-6632.

What is Perinatal Transitions in Care?
The Perinatal Transitions in Care Program’s primary activity is to support families from the time they receive a diagnosis throughout the bereavement process. The program involves a care team including social workers and chaplains. By beginning care early and having the same group of providers through their experience, there is continuity of care, which helps to alleviate medical and social isolation and gives the parents time to decide how to make the most of their time with their baby.

The care team works with parents to create a personalized birthing and/or care plans that includes making decisions about how and where the delivery will occur and what measures will be taken once the baby is born. This may include planning for both a live or stillborn baby. Families are also linked to community resources that provide support during pregnancy and beyond.


Throughout the pregnancy, the Circle of Life care team meets with the parents and alterations to the plan are made as needed. Once agreed upon, a representative from the care team is designated to assure the plan is disseminated to the caregivers prior to delivery.

After the baby is born, the care team continues to help the family by gathering keepsakes and assuring that they have time and space to be with their baby. The team also offers follow-up bereavement service that continues for a minimum of 13 months after the baby’s death.

The primary goal of the Perinatal Transitions in Care Program is to help families with the process of making choices about pregnancy management and after-birth care that incorporate their personal and religious beliefs and are in the best interest of their baby.

For additional information about Circle of Life’s Perinatal Transitions in Care Program, please call 479-750-6632.