Coping with Grief, Loss, and Isolation During the Holidays

Coping with Grief, Loss, and Isolation During the HolidaysYear Around Event (2020)(GMT-06:00)

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Know that you are not alone if you are struggling to find joy this holiday season – 2020 has been a challenging year for many. We will discuss the following:
• Learn how to observe the holidays while honoring your grief
• Gain insight into ways that holidays can elicit fresh waves of grief
• Explore ways to maintain, modify, or build on existing traditions
• Consider ideas to find joy where you can, modify expectations of yourself and others
• Develop strategies to navigate complicated family dynamics
• Learn how to set boundaries, decline invitations, and make self-care a top priority

Presented by: Allison Wright and Karen Grumme-Rodriguez, Circle of Life Hospice

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Year Around Event (2020)(GMT-06:00)